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The Bolzoni & Bobbio Tax Law Firm can offer complete assistance in the main areas of tax and legal matters, both in the judicial and extrajudicial fields.

The expertise of the professionals derives from the experience gained as members of:

  • Boards of Directors;

  • Management Boards;

  • Boards of Auditors with or without statutory auditor engagement;

  • Supervisory Body according to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

Legal Activity:

  • assistance ahead ordinary and administrative jurisdiction, as well as in arbitration;

  • writing of national and international contracts, in particular preparation and negotiation of any type of commercial agreement, including contracts, consortia, temporary association of companies, agency contracts, distribution contracts, franchising contracts, production contracts, supply contracts, research and development contracts;

  • credit recovery;

  • legal assistance on debt restructuring plans, bankruptcy procedures, corporate reorganisations, etc ..;

  • assistance in the preparation and implementation of the Organization and Management Models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, carrying out, where required, the function of members of the Supervisory Body;

  • legal assistance in setting up companies, joint ventures and preparation of corporate governance structures;

  • assistance in the writing and negotiation of leases and acquisitions of property;

  • labour law and intellectual property assistance;

  • assistance for claims and damages;

  • corporate obligations.

Tax Activity:

  • urgent tax and accounting advice;

  • opinions, reminders and advice on tax questions or issues;

  • assistance and control for the preparation of the financial statements and interim reports, as well as assistance in the preparation of the declarative models;

  • assistance and advice for VAT purposes;

  • assistance and advice for other taxes and duties;

  • obligations and relationships with financial offices;

  • specific requirements for particular types of companies (listed, banking, financial, leasing and others);

  • statutory audit of the accounts on the financial statements and consolidated financial statements, intended for all those joint-stock companies that have the obligation of accounting control;

  • voluntary auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements or interim balance sheets for companies that, although not obliged to audit, like to submit their financial statements to a professional opinion by an external auditor.

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