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The Bolzoni & Bobbio Tax Law Firm has its origins in the synergistic collaboration between the two Founding Partners: Dr Alberto Bolzoni and the Lawyer Umberto Bobbio.


Dr Alberto Bolzoni


The professional career of Dr Alberto Bolzoni began in 1981, the year in which the Doctor gained several experiences abroad, in particular in San Francisco, and then returned to Italy where he held important roles in various entrepreneurial realities in the area.

His know-how in commercial matters has matured by carrying out important duties, such as Standing Auditor, President of Boards of Statutory Auditors, Accountant and Auditor.

Registered in the Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Milan since 1994, as well as in the Register of Auditors, in 2014 he founded, with Lawyer Umberto Bobbio, the Bolzoni and Bobbio Tax Law Firm.

The many years of experience in tax and commercial matters have contributed to increasing the passion and professionalism of Dr Bolzoni, who still holds important positions in the assisted companies, in particular with regard to control and auditing activities.

Dr Bolzoni mainly performs the role of Chartered Accountant in his own firm, assisting customers in all tax, administrative, corporate and management problems.

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Lawyer Umberto Bobbio

The forensic career of the lawyer Umberto Bobbio began in the early 2000s thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the Bosio & Pirotta law firm in Milan, where the lawyer mainly dealt with labour law and social security.

The professional experience then continues, for several years, within a leading multinational operating in the Pharmaceutical sector where Umberto is dedicated to national and international contracts and compliance, with particular reference to the aspects of Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

Subsequently, in 2014, he founded the Tax Law Firm Bolzoni & Bobbio with Dr Alberto Bolzoni, Accountant in Milan.

The Lawyer. Bobbio has gained several experiences as a member of Supervisory Bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 assisting clients in drafting control and management models.

The many years of experience in judicial and extrajudicial consultancy, in civil and labour law matters, especially in the drafting of contracts and in the negotiation resolution of the business crisis, has allowed Attorney Bobbio to often hold the role of Legal Advisor in the field of business crisis management. His expertise guides the entrepreneur in crisis in choosing and implementing the most suitable legal tool to resolve the corporate crisis, thanks also to the elaboration of accurate analyzes of the organizational and financial situation, internal and external to the company.

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