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The Bolzoni & Bobbio Tax Law Firm is located in Via Venti Settembre n. 27, 20123 Milan (MI), a few meters from the Basilica of Santa Maria Delle Grazie and the renowned Corso Vercelli, a central crossroad of Milan.


You can easily reach us by public transport, as the Studio is located near the underground stations of Conciliazione (red metro), Pagano (red metro) and Cadorna (red/green metro). The last one is also reachable by train or bus.


If you want to reach the Studio by car, we recommend that you park in the parking lot near the Pagano underground stop, located in Via del Burchiello / Via Mario Pagano.


Telephone: +39 02 84253950/51

Fax: +39 02 92 853288


Remote Assistance

Technology never stops its race, especially in difficult times like the ones we are facing. For this reason, the Bolzoni & Bobbio Tax Law Firm has created multimedia channels through which it is possible to receive assistance and advice remotely. Our professionalism and our dedication do not stop in front of anything and the protection of the clients is always a priority which we do not want to give up.


Getting in touch with the Firm is simple:

  1. send an email to by simply clicking on the link;

  2. it is important to specify the requested service and availability (possibly not a single date) and not forgetting to indicate name, surname and telephone number;

  3. the Firm will respond quickly to schedule a virtual appointment via the Skype and Teams platforms, just as if it were a usual appointment in the office.

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